Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Review Of Mamasita's Melbourne

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Mexican / South american is the new Thai and Japanese from a few years ago, as it is the current hip food to be eating in Melbourne and Sydney.
This place seems to cater for such hipsters and doesn't really care to much about how the food actually tastes, I have been twice and the last time i went with 2 friends and i tried 7 different dishes on the menu and it was all a bit of a let down. None of the dishes were inspired and while not bad it wasn't great either.
And considering you have to wait quite a while to get a tiny cramped table i won't be going back. There is better mexcian out there with a more comfortable setting, this is ok for some drinks and a snack or a boozy dinner, but don't expect any inspiring food from here.
Don't get me wrong i love a hip joint as much as the next hipster but this is not hip or tasty enough to warrant waiting in line for a cramped table. Give it a miss, and go some where that has GREAT food, not just ok food.

Rating:    6 / 10

Food             : 65
Drinks          : 70
Service         : 75
Atmosphere : 50
Value           : 65